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​You can actually take a break from the common lawn care routine throughout winter months and be able to save money at the same time. What's more, you might have to spend more cash due to the reason that weather conditions are quite challenging.

If you are searching for ways on how to cut down on your expenses on lawn care, then you have to know the following tips or you could just checkout what this website can offer.

Don't buy fertilizers for your lawn - it will be ideal if you are going to make a fertilizer of your own by using ingredients that you have at home already. These can include but not limited to wood ashes from your fireplace, bone meal and even coffee grounds. Though you might have to purchase the bone meal, know that it is a lot cheaper.

With 1 part wood ashes, 4 parts coffee grounds and 1 part bone meal, you can create a nitrogen phosphorous potassium rich fertilizer. This helps in supporting the health of your lawn, especially throughout intense summer heat. Another possible recipe that you can make involves the use of Epsom salt, beer, liquid soap, ammonia and mouthwash. According to experts, the first recipe is easier and cheaper to make.

Let your grass to grow to 3 inches. Be aware that the taller grasses would be less vulnerable to stress that is caused by heat. Moreover, this can also help in preventing weed growth.

Use vinegar to control the weeds - this particular substance is strong that it is capable of preventing the growth of dandelion as well as crabgrass. What's great about this is, it's safe for the grass.

Stock up on organic pest control agents - these include beer, essential oils, diatomaceous earth and beer. These will get rid of different types of insects, snails and slugs effectively. Additionally, all of these are a lot cheaper than the chemical pest killers that can be bought on the market.

Clean your lawn always - the best possible defense that you can have against pest infestation is to be clean. And if you don't get professional services in order to control the population of pests in your yard, you'll probably save huge sum of money.

Water your lawn deeply - deeply watering your lawn is important as it lets the grass roots to grow deeply where they can get added hydration. You should know that deeply rooted grass has the capability of withstanding extreme heat of summer and remain green and lush throughout the entire season. Surely, you can save significant amount of cash by avoiding to install a new turf. Of course, you could always hire a professional  lawn care company you could rely on for your lawn maintenence.

Lawn Care Tips